Why Invest in Mauritius?

Apart from it’s all-year temperate climate and its superb location in the Indian Ocean conveniently near Asia, Africa and Europe, Mauritius offers a number of benefits for investors.

Inviting Destination


A multicultural population that speaks both English and French, preventing language barriers between locals and the global community.


Well-developed airport connections with several daily flights to Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia.


Excellent quality of life with a low crime rate. Mauritius has a strong and efficient police force that quickly deals with and resolves any incidents.

Optimal Investment Opportunity


There has been political and social stability since the nation’s independence in 1968. Democratic leaders have all demonstrated their commitment to a market economy that fosters entrepreneurship and foreign investment.


Mauritius has experienced one of the highest economic growth rates in sub-Saharan countries in the last three decades, shifting from an economy dominated by sugar cane to a diversified and sophisticated service economy across tourism, finance, trade, property and communication.

Favourable Tax Benefits


There is a flat rate of only 15% tax on corporate profits and personal income.


With no inheritance or capital gains tax, investors won’t be subject to taxation on the profit from their sale of property or investment.


Mauritius has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) with 43 countries including the UK and South Africa.

Attainable Residence Permit & Potential Citizenship


The purchase of a residential unit above USD 375 000, acquired under the Property Development Scheme (PDS), provides the purchaser and their family with a Mauritian residence permit.


A non-citizen who holds a residence permit for a continuous period of 2 years and has made an investment of USD 5 million or more in Mauritius is eligible to apply for naturalisation as a citizen of the country.

Advantages for Mauritian Diaspora Scheme Members

The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme aims to attract migrated Mauritians to return to the island and serve the country.

A Mauritian Diaspora Scheme member is a citizen of Mauritius with a valid Mauritian passport, or a child or grandchild of that citizen.
Members of this scheme are exempted from:

  • Income tax for 10 years
  • Customs duties of up to MUR 2 million on the purchase of a car
  • Customs duties on repatriation of their personal or household belongings

Perfect Retirement Location

  • Non-citizens are eligible to retire in Mauritius
  • First-class infrastructure, clinics and hospitals offer highly professional and accessible healthcare
  • The cost of living in Mauritius is more affordable than in many European and Western countries
  • Residents can experience a stress-free lifestyle, where every day feels like a vacation amongst the island’s picturesque natural surroundings and tropical climate

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